Geoff Thompson arrived in Luxembourg in 1989 and quickly became involved in the Irish community together with his family. He served as Committee Member, then Vice-President and President (after Declan Deasy and before John O’Sullivan). He is now back for a second stint as President, having been elected at the 2017 EGM, following 4 years back serving on the Club Committee. See


   Mimmi Oedman I’m from Dublin and have spent some  years in England and Germany before settling in Luxembourg. Which has been my home for many years.
I’ve been involved with the Irish Club committee for  15 years and before  that I was a member if the committee of the Irish theater group


 Darren Gorman Darren originally moved to Luxembourg in 2000, initially spending three years in the country. Subsequent to this he moved back to Dublin and then to London returning to Luxembourg in early 2016. In the intervening years Darren has been involved in a number of businesses which had a large presence in Luxembourg and thus spent a significant amount of time in the country before moving back permanently. Darren has held similar roles with a political party in Ireland and also with local community groups and is looking forward to working with the Committee and members to develop the club in Luxembourg


 Fiona Mulhern
Fiona Mulhern came to Luxembourg in 1985. She has been on the Irish Club Committee since 2011 and is Secretary since 2012.


 Caririe Milne President of The Irish Club of Luxembourg Carrie Milne came to Luxembourg in 1978. She joined the Irish Club in 2008 and was president from 2009 to 2013. She has a Luxembourgish and Irish Passport.
 Ken King joined the committee this year as a new member.